Aluminum profiles are produced from AIMgSi 0, 5 - F22 alloy and as per 12020 Standards.

Physical Properties:

Density 2,71 kg /cm3
Modulus of Elasticity 70 kN /mm2
Resistance 20° 33 n Q .m
Melting Point 600 - 655 °
Coefficient of Expansion 20 - 100° C μ ° C

Mechanical Properties

Limit of Elasticity 190 MPa
Tensile stress 220 MPa
Hardness 67 Brinell
Elongation % 10

Feasible joinery types: 2, 3, 4, 6-wing Lift-Slide joinery or sliding joinery types are feasible.

Weatherstrip: All weatherstrips are EPDM.

Depth: Standard frame depth is 98 mm and as its alternatives; sash frame depth is 107 mm and 3-rail frame is 163 mm. Wing depth is 42 mm.

Wall thickness: 1, 5 mm - 2 mm.

Water discharge: All profiles have water discharge system.

Rail: Rail is designed alternatively as aluminum and stainless.

Accessories: Lift-Slide system accessories with the maximum capacity of 150 kg can be used; and sliding joinery is feasible by using accado accessories with pvc joinery channel adaptor or aluminum accessories with alternative wind adaptors.

Fittings: Frame corner joints are pressed by using press angle block fittings.