Aluminum profiles are produced from AIMgSi 0, 5 - F22 alloy and as per 12020 Standards.

Physical Properties:

Density 2,71 kg /cm3
Modulus of Elasticity 69 kN /mm2
Resistance 20° 33 n Q .m
Melting Point 600 - 655 °
Coefficient of Expansion 20 - 100° C μ ° C

Mechanical Properties

Limit of Elasticity 190 MPa
Tensile stress 220 MPa
Hardness 67 Brinell
Elongation % 10

Profile Width: Frame 69 mm - Wing 77 mm

Thermal Barrier measure: 32 mm

Thermal Transmittance value ( Uf): 1.804 W/m2K

Weatherstrip (Seal): All weatherstrips are Rubber EPDM.

Feasible Window Types: Inward-opening – Double-opening – Double Wing-opening - Woswagen Window – window types and Inward-opening Door – Outward-opening Doors.

Usable Glass Thickness: It provides the opportunity of using any double glazing by adjusting with glazing bead in consistence with the EPDM weatherstrip thicknesses and measures from the thickness of 18mm glazing to the thickness of 48mm double-glazing.

Water discharge: All profiles have water discharge system.

Fittings: Profiles are pressed by using Press Angle block fittings and Claw L parts in order to ensure the corner joints.

Central Sash Bars are connected by screwing from the outer frame and with blocks from the inner part.